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Re: [IP] Tracking carbs, etc.

On 6 Nov 2000, at 8:39, Laura Stanley wrote:

> Does everyone write down their blood sugars, the carbs, and boluses each
> time?  I don't mind testing, etc., but don't like to keep writing things
> down.  How do you handle this?
> Laura (trying to learn everything I can)....
I'm still rather new at this and depend on my endo's input to make 
various corrections, so I write down *everything*.  Including when 
my period starts, when I have a cold or UTI, how much exercise 
(how long and how intense), when I open a new vial, what hours I 
sleep (cuz my sleep's all screwy), what foods I ate and oz weights 
so she can verify that I'm counting my carbs accurately.

She's very good at figuring out exactly what I did wrong when my 
bgs are too high or too low.

It almost always comes down to timing (hypos) or  too much 
caution (not enough insulin).

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