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Re: [IP] Palm and Gluco-pilot

On 6 Nov 2000, at 6:45, Jennifer Sutherland wrote:

> LOL!  I have the WinGlucoFacts  from the Glucometer DEX which I download for
> my endo's office, and use the palm for myself.  Is it that you don't have
> the download cable for the fastTake? The software is allegedly free but yes,
> the cable is needed and must be purchased.

No, I have the cable, it downloads fine.  It's just the I disliked 
Lifescan's software (InTouch).  Doesn't do what *I* want it to do.  
And it makes inputting my carbs and insulin doses very tedious. I 

> The Gluco Pilot manual has said the downloading features are
> planned.....from 1998!!  I'm thinkin' someone is really slow here? They

heh.  Sales managers promise, engineers are somehow supposed 
to deliver. :-)  (concept reference: Dilbert)

> could, I would think, be able to do something like that, but nothing yet...

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