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RE: [IP] unauthorized cheat techniques

wombn asked:

I'm still using very small amounts of insulin.  I filled up my reservoir
yesterday, because I couldn't remember where I saw the
conversion rate between units and mL.  But I KNOW I won't use
that much insulin in 3 days.

I'm using Minimed's Micro QR with a Quick Release.

Has anyone ever changed the infusion set, but simply attached a
new infusion only at the quick release point?

Also, I couldn't set the quantity of insulin in my pump because I
didn't know how many units 2+ ml is (and couldn't find where I'd
seen the conversion formula, and why don't they simply mark units
on the reservoir instead of mLs since everything else is in units?)

This probably won't answer your question but may be helpful to those who are
still deciding which pump to use.   The new D-tron has this wonderful
feature that you are hinting towards in your question.  When a insulin
cartridge is loaded into the pump, no matter how much insulin is in the
cartridge, the pump will know exactly how many units there are in it.  When
the piston rod moves forward to meet up with the rubberstopper  in the
cartridge the pump computes how much insulin is in there by how far the rod
moves.  It really quite neat  to see this work.

I hope this info can be of use to some people.

Sheila Morris
D-tron Pump trainer

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