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Re: [IP] A Little Confused ???

Unless your doctor is referring to an initial start up period when you stick 
to a schedule so you can track carbs in order to set basels and boluses, your 
doctor is missing the whole point of the pump.  The pump allows you to eat 
when you want, what you want.  You just have to test frequently and bolus 
correctly.  Although some people like to eat according to a schedule, it is 
completely unnecessary once you know the pumping system.  My 14 year old 
daughter eats whatever and whenever she wants, and her A1Cs are below 7.0.  
Could your doctor's advice be yet another example of an endo not knowing the 
pump, yet perfectly confident in giving instructions nevertheless?  For 
example, I have seen so many doctors scare off other mothers who want to put 
their kids on the pump.  I believe it is because they don't know the pump and 
are resistant to change.  A reputable hospital in our area is currently doing 
a study on the "psychological effects" of the pump on children less than 10 
years old.  What about the psychological effects of 4 shots a day with a 
scheduled meal plan that includes forced snacks/meals and withholding of 
food?  My guess is that this hospital is getting such a DEMAND for pumps that 
they want a study as an excuse to change their tune on younger children 
pumping. My daughter's school nurse called me the other day because she knew 
Diana wasn't eating much all day and was concerned about the effect of this 
on her diabetes ("diabetics need to eat").  I told her thanks for the call, 
but not to worry cause she is on the pump.  I also offered to hold on the 
phone while she had my daughter check her blood sugar.  It was 125 which 
nicely proved my point.  Many people, including endos themselves, don't know 
that much about the pump.  That is why this group is so important and such a 
wonderful thing!
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