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Re[IP] more newbie questions

The starting correction factor (CF) for Humalog is based on the pre-pump
total daily insulin dose divided into 1800.  This calculation provides an
estimate of how much one unit of insulin will lower the BG. It should only
be used at meal time when first starting the pump. The calculated amount is
how much you need to get you to the premeal target BG level and is added to
the meal bolus.
It isn't recommended to be used between meals.

The starting meal bolus dose for Humalog is the total daily dose divided
into 500. Starting basal rates are frequently  based on total daily dose x
75%, divided by 2 then divided by 24 for the hourly basal rate. You don't
count the other half as that amount should be close to what you need to
cover the meal boluses.

These are STARTING rates since basal testing and then ,later, bolus testing,
will help fine tune the rates.

 This isn't always the same for all people because there might be other
health factors your physician needs to consider based on the presence or
lack of complications.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE

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