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Re: [IP] I'm a bad girl (but really happy!)

On 5 Nov 2000, at 12:26, David wrote:

> Way to go, girl."Damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead".  

> Just a reminder, 
> the long acting insulin you've been taking will take a couple of days to 
> completely get out of your system, so continue to check every 2 hours to 
> avoid those possible highs as it works it's way out of your system.

Good call!  Thanks to a tip from this group, I didn't shoot my lente 
the night before I started the pump however.....

I think my lente finally ran out last night. Shot up to 258 for no 
apparent reason after having BGs in the nearly-perfect range for 2 
days.  Took about 6 hrs to get it back down. I haven't been able to 
calculate my high bg bolus yet and the copy of Pumping Insulin 
that I have is the 2nd edition which doesn't cover humalog (I'm 
really annoyed that they sent me the older edition when their site 
advertises the 3rd edition, but I didn't notice it until last night), so I 
was being ultra cautious.  But it was considerably faster than with 
needles!  YAY!

The High BG bolus will be the first question for my endo on 

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