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Hello fellow pumpers! I have been so busy with so many things lately! I just
wanted to thank everyone who gave me advice when my pump died. I had my
replacement pump the very next morning, bright and early! So I only had to
take 2 injections til then. Not for sure if I mentioned that the eye problems
I was having, turned out to be Ocular migraines or not, but that was the case
and I was relieved by that. I saw my Endo this past Thursday, and pretty much
was good news. My a1c was 6.1, and my cholestorol was even better than the
last time I had it tested! A miraculous 115! I have been amazing Drs over the
years because my cholestorol is so low! I guess it's all the olive oil us
Italians use?! :)
The only thing that concerned me and my Endo was my 24 hr urine tests. She
didn't do anything about it, is it leaving to my Kidney specialist I assume. I
am not completely sure what the results mean, she didn't explain them to me,
just made a copy for me. My micro-albumin is 24.3, and my creatine clearance
was, 73.4. Maybe someone can explain these #'s for me? I have been on an ace
inhibitor for several years now also. Well thanks for taking the time to read
my post! I hope everyone is doing well pumping! Sorry this is so long.
Sincerely, DENISE

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