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[IP] "needle length"

I have been on the pump for a month now, I have a
Disetronic,and was using the tender infusion sets.
Well my skin is so tough that the insulin was backing
up and making knots under my skin, and I was hurting.
I tried difeerent spots but not much luck. My sugar
was unstable also, so in my kit I had a sample of a
rapid infusion set and I tried it, and it is a needle
that goes straight in and stays. It has seemed to be
working well and my sugar has been running really
well. My question is they come in 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm
needle length, what is the difference, and when I
order, which length is best? The sample they gave me
is a 10mm, is longer  better? I am going to call and
order tommorrow, so if someone could let me know.
                                 Thanks a bunch,

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