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[IP] starting a group

Joan wrote
>  yourself. Thats what a friend and I did here in the Calif. We only 
>  had three of us at our first meeting, but have picked up more for 
> our next meeting. 

Mine here in NYC starting with meeting one person at a time...Alecia 
(spacegirl) on a  rock in central park, and then marian (clara1936) for 
coffee, and a few others like yerachmilel, jeff, stu.  Then we found a place 
and had 12 people show up for the first group in October, including a CDE 
from my endos, and this past Thursday, i had TWENTY FIVE 25!!!! people show 
up...not all pumpers, but it was GREAT!!!  Several IPers have come and lots 
of others..We are everywhere...It was great to see so many proactive, 
enthusuastic, POSITIVE people in the same place...a couple of marathoners, a 
boyfriend, a husband and a best friend also showed up in support..

I am just tickled my selfish desire for real support group has come to 

So good luck Terry...i have been trying to organize something here for a  
while...you have to find the right partner...in my case it was marian.

For our next meeting, i am going to try and get a psychologist of social 
worker to come and talk about stress, the holidays, and all that comes with 
that and having diabetes, then find an expert in stress management come and 
talk, and then a massage therapist to come in and give tips on giving better 
massages, which is a A GREAT stress reliever...then we get to practice on 
each other....

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