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[IP] RE: Peculiar Insulin Requirements

Liz asked:

> ....<snip>......  My basal rates lie on the low side of the distribution
> for most of the day), while my insulin to carb ratio tends to be on the
> high side, varying between 1:6 and 1:9.  Since I don't use a lot
> of insulin
> in a day my doctor considers me quite sensitive to it.  But the high
> insulin:carb ratio seems to bely that.  Apparently most type 1
> pumpers use
> a ratio from 1:10--1:17 or so.....<snip>......

 If, in order to accommodate varied schedules and activities, your basal
target range, while fasting, is a little higher than most other pumpers then
your basal rate will be lower than most.  And what is your 1-2 hr. pp
target?  If that target is lower than most others you may need to bolus more
than someone with a 1:10 ratio even though your ratio may be similar.  But
you might also find it necessary to snack to keep from going too low later
on.  Interresting routne and, of course, this is just my wild guess.

> My current hypothesis is that since I've been on a diet--aka meal
> plan--most of my life, my body has become extremely efficient at pulling
> all the nutrients out of the food; so I get WAY more calories from one
> slice of bread than most people do.  That explains the  high insulin to
> carb ratio, but not the low basal.

Individuals may have different metabolic rates which would account for
diiferent insulin requirements for a given food item but there's a limit to
efficiency.  You can't get more carbs or calories out of a food item than
what's in the item.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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