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[IP] Myoclonus (was Restless legs syndrome)

My neurologist has indicated that I have developed myoclonus. This is a 
very abrupt hard jerk in the leg occurring, at least mainly for me, at 
bedtime. The direction of travel of the leg has been both left to right and 
up off the bed. The force exerted usually shakes the whole bed. I am 
presently taking 1/2 mg of clonapin before bedtime and it seems to be 
working. This apparently is an offshoot of my neuropathy.

If you don't like to hear complaining you have just a few more words to go 
and the tone will change. I am grateful for having finally gone on the 
pump. I asked the doctor I was seeing in 1985 if I might be able to start 
using one. I finally started in 12/99 and have enjoyed the freedom 
unavailable to me in the previous 39 years. It is the best thing to happen 
to me in that 39 year period. Here's the change, new paragraph.

With the addition of clonapin I am presently taking 13 prescription 
(maintenance) drugs at a cost of $600 - $700 a month. I choose the word 
maintenance because of the lack of curing the medicines provide. They are 
only to make life more tolerable. When the action of the drug lessens we 
get stronger and stronger doses or other meds. And the longer the 
maintenance time the more likely that new complications will occur and new 
maintenance drugs will be prescribed. This is a never ending circle. At the 
turn of the century diabetics did good to live a few years after diagnosis 
and all the complications weren't known until medicines started allowing 
longer life spans. A lot of times I wish we could go back to the concept of 
"Survival of the fittest" and not "Survival of the best medicated".


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