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[IP] The party's over - looong

Started setting up the room Wed. eve. after mid-week service. Just some
tables, but it was a job (for the young men who helped). Went over Thurs.
afternoon and stayed until 8:30 p.m. laying out the display, putting cloths
on cardtables, etc. A professional trio volunteered to provide live music. I
got to bawl a lot at their rehearsal so when they really sang, I could
ignore them and do other stuff. Couldn't handle it otherwise. 8^,,,,(   Went
Friday to *finish* up (HA!) from 3:00-8:30. Today I looked at the display
table and saw a bottle of hairspray sitting there and knew I wasn't anywhere
finished. LOL

 I got my sleeping pills (30 Ambien) Rx filled. Pharmacist said my ins. co.
said I had 14 pills left. Huh? New Rx! No, 14 and it's $40 co-pay. I asked
what it was if ins. didn't pay. $40.69!!!  I said I couldn't do it, I needed
only one for last night. He gave me ONE. 8^)

Had a great couple of gals helping in the kitchen, but as it ended up, not
all the food was set out and a lot was leftover. The Young Marrieds S.S.
class will have a carry-in dinner after church tomorrow 'cause I didn't want
to carry it back out. lol

About 15 of us are meeting at a restaurant after church tomorrow. We'll eat
the cake then for dessert that has my 6th grade school pic. on it (my dx
pic). They put the pic in the computer, soy ink duplicates the pic on rice
paper, they lay it on the icing and it absorbs in. Therefore, it's edible.
My hugsband wants the forehead so he can possibly get to understand me. ܰ

We had about 80 there; 318 years of DM represented, as well as 8 pumpers - 6
from the IP list.

I'm beat. I told the newsie guy that I was planning to be dead Monday. What?
Well, I'll revive Tuesday because I have to vote and get my EPO injection,
but I'll be dead to the world Monday. When the story is in the paper I can
put the URL on since it is also a web edition.

The *spirit box* I had set up for the e-mails of those wanting to be there
in spirit ended up as a basket - sprayed gold. My hugsband said since I was
a basket case and it had a handle, I could handle it. lol

TODAY I GOT A CONGRATULATIONS FROM BILL!!  The return address says: The
White House, Washington.

I ate very little, too busy, had 2 plates of food set in front of me and I
nibbled a little. I asked 2 people to make sure I tested every hour. I
finally got it done at 7:30 at home (BASH 2:00-5:00) and it was 209 - that's
running on basal only.

The *B* of BASH (Bawling, Amazement, Sincerity, Humor) started about 5:00
Thursday. I heard this voice (Boston accent) searching for us, then I
finally saw Roger Campbell. He stuck out his hand for a shake and I said
(no, bawled) if you're going to come 1300 miles for this and I never met
you, you deserve a hug!! BOOHOOBOOHOOBOOHOO!!! Of course seeing Jan & Elvis
caused another gusher. It was fun also meeting RoseLea (I was sure I
recognized then realized I had seen her pic on her profile), and Susanne
Cole and little pumper (8) Mary.

I took our Silver Anniversary china bell (to get everyone's attention) to
ring when a *real* dignitary arrived. The dietitian who designed my first
mealplan was a bell ringer; the pastor who married us was a bell ringer, the
first young person with DM whom I ever met was a bell ringer (he was 12, I
was 16) and our son and his 19 mo. old dtr. were bell ringers.

I had a special table reserved for the IPers - there were 10. Five and a dog
(Glory) were from the Looney list.

We set up free BG testing. One of our best friends tested 219! He didn't
know if he was glad he had it done or not. Several companies provided items
for Goody Bags. We all really appreciated it!

Oh, and hugsband played his e-flat tuba. ~<

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/2383) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)

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