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[IP] I'm a bad girl (but really happy!)

I haven't had official training (except the video) cuz the local trainer 
*still* hasn't contacted me and I haven't seen my endo yet 

But I couldn't stand the wait any longer.  So yesterday, first thing in 
the day, I switched my pump to insulin.  Yes, I'm a bad girl.  

She'll just have to deal with the fact that she has a precocious 

But I just couldn't stand it!  I'm an Independent Cuss.  Take after 
both parents and all *their* parents.  I come by it honestly.

I went super cautious on the basal rate, and I'm glad I did!  0.1/hr 
appears to be almost exactly right.  A little tweaking needed for 
Dawn Phenomenon, etc.  But I'll wait til I see my endo on that.  

I'm almost at target.  I've been testing every 2 hours or so.  Most 
readings the past 24 hours are between 110 and 120, with one 
meal spike up to 157 (I was being cautious on the boluses too).

It was SO cool to be able to just push my remote a couple times 
and voila, my meal bolus was done!  

I'm going to have some moderate activity in a couple of hours from 
now and I haven't decided whether to suspend or not (0.1/hr on 
MM508 is the lowest I can go, right?).

I've been in fairly decent control with MDI but not nearly this close!  
I'm really really liking this thing so far!  woohoooooo!!!!!

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