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Re: [IP] dex tabs - insurance

In a message dated 11/3/00 2:14:55 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< My only problem 
 with buying them there is I don't get reimbursed by insurance for buying 
 something off the shelf like batteries and alchol wipes and lancets and dex 
 tabs - those things that don't NEED a prescription.  But if I GET a 
 prescription and send it to my mail order place and they provide it, 
 insurance DOES PAY!!!  >>

Thanks for clarifying this as I've been spending way too much $. Having 
financial concern. My new insurance is GHI and I'm a little confused as to 
what they will cover. They wouldn't cover test strips from MM but they would 
cover all my pump supplies. Test strips have to be bought from a pharmacy.

If anyone has GHI or any suggestions about mail order places that are 
reliable, please drop me a line offline. I know that there are different 
plans and it will take some research on my part but any suggestions would be 
helpful. I've had bad experience with one mail order company that kept 
billing me when I was told otherwise when I signed up. It took months of 
haggling and last month they sent me another bill for the last of the 
supplies I ordered. They had said that they were responsible for the 
error...hope that applies to last bill too.

Beth (& Oscar)
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