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[IP] re: MM-res. door..attn Gordon

 THere are a few people on the list who have switched
from MM to D (and presumably vice versa). I'm not sure
who else has switched before the warranty was up, but
I did.
 I got my MM 507c in May of 1999, started wearing it
in June 1999, had 4 break, numerous alarms, but no
alarms when there actually WAS a problem, and lots of
customer service problems. After MM said you had to
have an alarm to get a replacement pump...I didn't
have any but my screw wasn't working..wound up in ER
b4 they'd replace it... then got upset, talked to
director of clinical services who said supposedly they
WILl replace the pump anytime you have a doubt..but I
think that's bull b/c when my next loaner was
overdelivering, it took 2 very serious lows on 2
different days b4 they'd agree, which of course was
over a long weekend.]
 If you're considering switching, keep details of
everything that's happened..also dont' be afraid to
call your insurance adn talk to the medical director. 
I have Aetna and they said first off preauthorization
wasn't necessary anymore, but more importantly, that
if hte doctor orders a specific pump, they'll approve
 I switched pumps the end of Sept. 2000. My warranty
wasn't even a year and a half old. MiniMed rarely
gives refunds, but they do and I can give you the # of
the lady I spoke with if you want to email me
privately. It's not common practice to provide
refunds, but there are ways. AFter all, the problems
are documented in teh computer, and if you get really
detailed and know some things which they should have
done with your problems but didn't, it's easier for
them to lose one customer than risk the customer
revealing the truth about the mishaps which happened
and in theory, in a big company should not be able to
occur...so yes, they were willing to give me a refund,
but it took 2 weeks after she went to talk to a
supervisor before she called back...
 My insurance approved the switch in less than a week,
and I'm so glad I switched. I haven't heard a single
alarm on this pump, there's no door to break, and when
I did get sick last month, I KNEW it was my body not
my pump or insulin delivery. Most importantly, I
haven't had to call customer service or wait on hold
or ever leave a message which someone forgot to
 Insurance will probably fight you on it; I was told I
have excellent insurance, but if you have good
records, and have made your problems known, they will
(or should) at least listen to you.

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