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[IP] Re: Diagnostic tests/basals/food

Just wanted to thank those of u who responded to request for suggestions on 
how to handle diagnostic tests/fasting/etc. I was able to have a liquid 
dinner the evening prior and with mostly non-caloric foods held on to a bg of 
100 most of the night. Prior to bed I was 50 and had some apple juice which 
wasn't quite enough and needed more at 1AM to treat a bg of 40 (remember, I 
tend to run low often so that wasn't too much out of the norm) Between 2AM 
and 8:30 I stayed betweeen 120 and 160 w/o any food. Right before the 
procedure at 9:30 I shot up to 210 (probably stress kicking in) and bolused 
.2 - At 10, when all done, i was 250. We had arranged for my husband to be in 
recovery room with me and to manage the pump and bg testing. He bolused me .3 
and I was 149 by 11:30. I did have some difficulty stabilizing in recovery - 
low pulse and blood pressure  and needed 2 bags of IV saline. I've been 
having difficulty since the procedure with high numbers after meals (250+) 
and have needed extra insulin - even did an injection and site change. No 
keytones. So, it looks like getting thru the prep and procedure was easier 
than the aftermath. (Test was ok, by the way)
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