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Re: [IP] Re: PE Teacher

> she could make a distinction between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, since
> there is no evidence that type 1 is caused by lack of exercise.

But, is there evidence that Type 2 is caused by lack of exercise? I think
the PE teacher was completely out of line and wrong. That statement will
stay with those kids for years no matter what type they come across and it
probably won't really be dispelled unless they or a family member contracts
DM. Multiply the number of children who heard that statement by the
potential *victims* of the aftermath. Yes, courteously the teacher needs to
be set straight - but lack of exercise does not cause any diabetes. ܰ
Jan & Bluda Sue"

Education of our educators seems to be an ongoing theme.  You're right that
lack of exercise is not a cause for diabetes, but obesity is.

It would be nice to have a diabetes learning/awareness day at school.  If
you asked around I'm sure that one or more diabetes nurses/educators would
be willing to help, especially if you have a local chapter of the ADA in
your town.  It could be a once a year project or even something as simple as
printing a flyer/FAQ on diabetes and passing it out to every teacher in the
school, and if resources are available a take home flyer for the kids?  Or
even simpler, make a stack of flyers for your kids to give to their teachers
and anyone they hear giving misinformation on diabetes.  You can include the
phone numbers for the JDF and ADA and you child's diabetes educator as well.

I just celebrated my first year of  with my current employer.  We have
yearly diabetes screenings.  Recently I had an article published in our
company newspaper about the benefits of diabetics getting a flu shot.
Nothing dramatic, just the facts and a link to an article from the CDC on
the topic.  Company nurse reported an increase in flu shots.  Then someone
voiced a concern about diabetics taking shots on the job and testing BGs.  I
spent some time educating the people in my department about safety and
assured them that all needles and lancets were taken home for disposal.  It
actually turned into a brief class on diabetes and ended up with them
learning how to handle a diabetic in the event of a low BG.  Which ended up
saving my the following week when I passed out from a sudden low.  You know
those little tubes of cake icing gel really do work in a pinch.

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