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[IP] Re: Pumpers in central Iowa

Hi Laura
Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I am going to McFarland Clinic. My CDE is Nancy 
Payne.  I see Dr. Carino on 11-16-00 so he can sign my papers to go on the 
pump.  I know they have a lot of pumping patients here also and thought 
maybe there would be a group I didn't know about.  Maybe if enough people 
see this we will find the "group"!!
I haven't see the ads for the get-together in Des Moines.  Let me know when 
it is or where you saw the ad.  I saw the Pump Girls on the video from MM 
about people on pumps.

>From: Laura Arns <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted, email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: Pumpers in central Iowa
>Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 15:40:55 -0600
> >Is anyone out there in central Iowa - close to Ames, Iowa, using a MM508 
> >Animas R1000?  I would like to correspond on or off this site.  I am 
> >to chose pumps and called the reps re a demonstration or loaner pump and
> >they told me they usually just do this for young children, etc.   I am 42
> >years old, but would still like to see the "real" thing before choosing
> >something that I will be connected to and trusting my life with.
> >Thanks for your help - also are there any pumping groups in this area?
>Hi Trish! My husband Shane (age 31) is a pumper. We are in Ames! Shane
>is using the Disetronic, so we can't help you out by showing you the MM
>or Animas. Are you going to McFarland clinic? That is where we go, and I
>remember when we first discussed the pump with them, the CDE had a MM
>that she showed us (it was the 507c then cause the 508 wasn't out yet).
>I know there must be other pumpers in the area, cause our CDE has
>several pumping patients, but we haven't met any of them yet. We don't
>know of any pumping groups in the area, but let me know if you'ld like
>to meet....we could be a group of 2 pumpers and 1 (or 2?) support
>people. :)
>ps. Have you seen the ads for the diabetes get-together in DM? We are
>thinking about attending. Nicole Johnon and the Pump Girls are supposed
>to be there.

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