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[IP] Re: Pumpers in central Iowa

>Is anyone out there in central Iowa - close to Ames, Iowa, using a MM508 or 
>Animas R1000?  I would like to correspond on or off this site.  I am trying 
>to chose pumps and called the reps re a demonstration or loaner pump and 
>they told me they usually just do this for young children, etc.   I am 42 
>years old, but would still like to see the "real" thing before choosing 
>something that I will be connected to and trusting my life with.
>Thanks for your help - also are there any pumping groups in this area?

Hi Trish! My husband Shane (age 31) is a pumper. We are in Ames! Shane
is using the Disetronic, so we can't help you out by showing you the MM
or Animas. Are you going to McFarland clinic? That is where we go, and I
remember when we first discussed the pump with them, the CDE had a MM
that she showed us (it was the 507c then cause the 508 wasn't out yet).
I know there must be other pumpers in the area, cause our CDE has
several pumping patients, but we haven't met any of them yet. We don't
know of any pumping groups in the area, but let me know if you'ld like
to meet....we could be a group of 2 pumpers and 1 (or 2?) support
people. :)
ps. Have you seen the ads for the diabetes get-together in DM? We are
thinking about attending. Nicole Johnon and the Pump Girls are supposed
to be there.
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