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[IP] dex tabs

someone wrote that walmart and Sams have cheaper dex tabs...My only problem 
with buying them there is I don't get reimbursed by insurance for buying 
something off the shelf like batteries and alchol wipes and lancets and dex 
tabs - those things that don't NEED a prescription.  But if I GET a 
prescription and send it to my mail order place and they provide it, 
insurance DOES PAY!!!  I would rather spend my heard earned milk bones on 
train tokens, coffee in the morning, a movie here and there, new socks (when 
I need them, not just cuz I am LOW) and other LIFE necessities, than on 
medical things that insurance will pay for and for which I pay an 
astronomical premium every month!

BUT, I am glad to know that in a pinch, if ALL I have are orange flavored Dex 
tabs, which have been known to make me gag, I can pop down to Walmart 
(hypothetically, as there isnt a walmart in new york city....) and get a 
cheaper bottle of the fruit punch kind.


Sara SP
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