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[IP] Reporters Q

The newsie asked why, as a kid, I felt
like the only way I could get out of my situation (pre dx) was to die. Was I
in a lot of pain or why did I think death was the answer?

     Personally, Its something you dont exactly have fond memories of! Does
this reporter not understand that puking every time you eat something,
drinking everything you can get your hands on and then going to the bathroom
not only during the day but several times at night, sleeping every time you
get a second, feeling like general crap, then passing out in the hallway at
night (on the way to the bathroom) and finally waking up 3 days later (or
however long) is not a piece of cake?
     Or are we supposed to wake up in a great mood being poked and prodded
with needles that to us look like daggers? Learning how to give ourselves
shots, test urine, learn a whole new way of eating ect.... ect...
     Its no wonder we even make it home from the hospital!  Then theres
putting up with siblings waving twinkies in front of your face taunting you
that you cant eat them anymore.
     Ill shut up now because this is turning into a vent. But what a stupid
question to ask!!

Pump Huggssssssss.........Dauna (who can eat twinkies now and would rather
leave them, yuk)

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