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Different meter readings was --Re: [IP] Freestyle Meter

At 07:37 AM 11/2/2000 RoseLea wrote:
 >momkiley wrote:
 ><<Has anyone else had higher readings on the Freestyle?  My doctor's
 >says they don't have enough experience with it to make a judgement or
 >recommendation. >>
 >I hate to say this, but I have this same situation between my FastTake and
 >Accuchek meters.  The FastTake always reports my bg higher than does my
 >Complete and Advantage meters.

Some meters, like the FastTake, report higher readings by design. Since the
blood plasma BG readings that your doctor uses are typically higher than
those taken from the capillary blood that we use, the FastTake purposefully
displays readings that are roughly 11% higher, to more closely mimic the
readings from the lab.



That is why it has always been said to find ONE meter you like and use only
that one.  Sure you can have more that one meter of one brand but  just stay
with that brand.

That way you will be adjusting your insulin or treating your lows to a meter
that you are accustom to and you can gage what it says by how you feel.

Otherwise you might have to say well if I check with meter A and it says
this then I do this and if you check with meter B and it says this then you
do this.  That's just too much to remember.


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