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[IP] Howdoyou feel?

SNIP>>How would those of you who went into comas for dx have answered that

One of my favorite questions, and my Mom used to tell me to quit asking it??
Guess that is why I have a psych degree????

My memories of the week before the hospital entry with a BG of 1208 are hazy
toward the end.  I kept saying I felt fine, tired but fine.   Everything
seemed fine to me.  And being a "stout" person, the 30 or so pounds I had
lost were fine with me.  Deep inside I knew something was wrong, but with
the cancer so prevalent in my family, I remember distinctly thinking that
"h, well, if I have cancer at least I am going to die skinny-how wonderful"
I couldn't find anything to eat the last few days, no appetite..my daughter
running to the store for custards and tapioca cause I couldn't eat anything
else.  The last day, I was to weak to do anything but sit in a corner...my
daughter called my son and he had to carry me down the stairs and to the
hospital. I had been in and out of consciousness.   The ER asked me if I was
anoxeric and  I remember laughing at them cause I have always loved food and
have always been overweight.  I just felt fine, smiling at
everything...foggy but fine.  Next thing I remember someone had smelled my
breath (fruity) and it was like all of a sudden there was activity
everywhere.  I was so dehydrated I had big white sores in my mouth!  The
next day or the day after, (I haven't a clue) I was told I had IDDM - had to
stay for two weeks in the hospital with all these cute teenage boys (and me
44 yrs old).   My daughter told me later that they weren't sure I would make
it through the night.  

However, how I felt was later explained..... it was explained that when the
sugar in one 's blood is so high, likr mine was, it creates an almost
euphoric sense in the brain.  With all that I was drinking, peeing, and the
exaustion I felt, any other physical problem I would have known to get to a
doc much quicker.  

Bonnie R. 

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