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[IP] Re: eating late

> Have either of you tried changing or modifying your basal doses?
> Bob Hemus

Of course.  In the last few years, I have been a constant proponent of
fasting to determine correct basal levels.  When I do my regular 18 hour
fast, my basals are fine.  I constantly need to fine tune my basals and
boluses to keep in decent control.  I have tried raising my nightime
basals, which would result in lows on a fast.  As I always try to say
YMMV, but variable basals and boluses are necessary for my best control.

Incidentally, Disetronic is supposed to be doing their testing on the
peritoneal shunt in the San Diego area this fall.  They've been doing it
in Europe for awhile.  Has anyone on the list heard of this?  I think
the shunt will help alleviate my problems with delayed response and
sites going bad, which would help my consistency..
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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