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Re: [IP] RE:Freestyle meter....and who do you trust

Barbara Bradley wrote:

<<You can usually trust the meter that has results within 15% of the lab
results. Take the meter(s) with you to the lab the next time you have
fasting blood work done, and be sure to tell the lab that you need to test
the accuracy of your meters. They can do the blood draw and then use a drop
of that blood on each meter's test strip. Good luck.>>

Thanks Barb, that's exactly what I plan to do next time I go for my blood
draw.  Is there a whole lot of difference between the blood being drawn from
a vein in your arm and blood drawn from you finger?  Is the 15% difference
to allow for that?  I plan to take both the Complete and the FastTake with
me when I go.  We'll see then who's closest.  :o)


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