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Re: [IP] Freestyle Meter

momkiley wrote:

<<You name a meter, and I've probably tried it.  I've got a stash of meters
and test strips here that takes up an entire dresser drawer!  I've never had
a meter read that far off of what I am feeling.  After 25 years with DM, you
usually know how you feel . . . and the pump has helped me become even more
sensitive to my readings.  I try so hard not to compare meters and most of
the time when I do compare, I get accurate results (within 15% one way or
the other.)  I need to trust what my body is telling me more often.  (Not
that I'd ever go without testing.  I'm the testing queen!)
I guess what I'm getting at is if each meter is different, which one CAN you

I guess the meter I trust the most are my AccuCheks.  I have no real
sensation of what my bg is unless I'm truly low, I can be high and not know
it and slightly low and not know it.  I've always used AccuChek meters and
this is the first time I've owned a different brand and I only got it cause
it was free and I wanted something faster for use at work.  And, as I tried
to explain to the FastTake people, if my A1c tests out at 4.5 and the
average on my Complete for that time period is 6, then how could the
FastTake be even remotely close if it's average is even higher?


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