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[IP] fall-flu shot, frequent illnesses

 This is venting and curiosity.
 What a rotten senior year! I love everything going on
and being ridiculously busy, but I've never gotten
sick so many times in so little time. Since Sept, I've
had 3 colds, that 3 week virus/infection which landed
me in the ER and hospital, with 3 types of antibiotics
and then I got my flu shot last week---of course, as
ALWAYS i get a cold within a week of the shot..and i
did....not to mention sore joints too which I haven't
figured out. At least i know it's not arthritis, i'm
only 17!
 As for bg, for now I've given up, in some ways I am
finally glad that hte advantage doesn't average b/c my
numbers suck. i'm obvously still insulin resistant and
all that but wish everything would be perfect other
health wise so i could try and figure oiut the
diabetes part of it. I'm seein ga doc in 3 week s
about getitn gon birth control to control hormones but
that won't do anything about "other illnesses--bladder
infections, colds, viruses, stomach bugs..."
 I just had to vent! It used to be like maybe 3 colds
a whole year, this year has doubled that and it's only

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