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[IP] Freestyle Meter

The most major concern with using the Freestyle meter is that at 85, I feel
normal.  I feel like I can drive without concern.  I can focus.  I can see
where I'm going.

Sometimes at 40, I feel like I'm normal too, but not for long.  If I start
driving thinking I'm at 85 and I'm really at 40, I don't have much further
to go before I completely bottom out and I could cause an accident and hurt
one of my kids or someone else.

It kind of scares me.  I know every meter reads differently, but when it's
telling me that I'm at 85 that's a perfect reading to me.  I wouldn't need
to correct anything.

And I agree with RoseLea, the same goes for being above range.  If my meter
reads 150, I would bolus 1 unit to correct.  But if another meter read 110
at the same time, I wouldn't bolus and if I did, I would be below 60 in no
time.  That kind of scares me.

You name a meter, and I've probably tried it.  I've got a stash of meters
and test strips here that takes up an entire dresser drawer!  I've never had
a meter read that far off of what I am feeling.  After 25 years with DM, you
usually know how you feel . . . and the pump has helped me become even more
sensitive to my readings.  I try so hard not to compare meters and most of
the time when I do compare, I get accurate results (within 15% one way or
the other.)  I need to trust what my body is telling me more often.  (Not
that I'd ever go without testing.  I'm the testing queen!)

I guess what I'm getting at is if each meter is different, which one CAN you

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