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[IP] annoying

wombn already got her answre form jenny...i hsoulda read first and rsponded 
second...as usual, however, she just wrote:

> It worked!  It's not as loud and annoying as I think it should be.  I'll 
>  sleep through these _no problem_.

ummm that IS a bit of a problem...If you get a NO DELIVERY it is cuz you have 
been without basal insulin for most likely several HOURS...my rate at night 
is .3, so it will take 7 or 8 hours for the pressure to build up enough to 
alarm.  It is like not having hte pump on at all for all that time...My blood 
sugar levels rely on that miniscule amount (.3) and without it for all that 
time will raise my bg a LOT.  Even after almost 8 years on the pump, the 
alarm still will wake me up, though i am much better now than I used to be 
about checking the reservoir before I go to bed.  And I am NOT a light 
sleeper...i live on a major road in Brooklyn...city buses and trash trucks, 
AND a public school across the street, and I still sleep through my alarm 
clock, but have never slept through a MNMD alarm....

Sara SP
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