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[IP] inducing an alarm

wombn wrote
>  how can I *induce* a no-delivery alarm while I'm still on the saline?

In the package that the batteries comes, htere is a little plastic 
compartment that contains a blue or white plastic clip and the white brush 
you use to clean the lead screw.  Take the clamp and follow the directions on 
the sheet to clamp off the tubing...Then just deliver a 10 unit bolus....it 
takes some time (maybe 2-3 whole units, maybe more) for the pressure to build 
up enough for the alarm to go off...

This is why doctors and MNMD hate it when you get a NO DELIVERY.  This is 
most usually caused by an empty reservoir.. For someone wiht a low basal rate 
this can be a serious problem, especially over night when you not are 
checking your bg as often as you would during the day (so just be sure to 
check to make sure there is insulin in the reservoir before you go to bed...)

Have fun!

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