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[IP] mm rep. has loaner pump

I learned something when Eve's loaner pump quit working at 3:30a.m. on
Halloween morning. The minimed rep. here in the Mpls. and St. Paul, MN. Area
has a loaner pump you can borrow until you receive one from minimed CA. When
the minimed rep. found out (Thursday Morning) that Eve's pump quit working,
she called me to apologized and offered the one she had until we receive the
one from CA. By then we had already received to the one for CA. She found
out to late to be of help to us, but I thought that I would post this in
case this would happened to someone else.

Below is a story that I posted on CWD on what happened that morning.

And the loaner pump died..

I was awakened this morning at 3:30a.m. to Eve lightly poking me in the leg
and say very quietly "mom" and then poking me lightly again and quietly
saying "mom". I opened my eye to see a flashlight in my face "mom?".
Thinking that she was going to tell me that we had no electricity, she went
on to say very quietly that her pump was beeping and wouldn't stop. My first
thoughts were why aren't the lights on. "Why aren't the lights on?"
"Because, I had my flashlight and I didn't want to wake anyone up." She then
pointed the flashlight at the pump and said, "It won't stop beeping." We
turned the lights on. This was a loaner pump, because Eve's pump was in for

After realizing the code of E-20, at first I thought it said E-02, was not
in the book of codes from minimed, we called them. By the way, E-20 means
the software has shut down and you can't do anything about it. They will be
shipping out a loaner, loaner pump today and we will receive it on Wednesday
morning. Now, what to do about insulin. We ended up deciding to call her
endo. First thing Eve said was "I don't want to go back to shots", she took
one anyway, she was 221 and went back to bed. My husband went to an all
night pharmacy 25 min. (one way) from our home to get some U for the long
acting insulin and we will use Humalog for the short acting. My husband
arrived home from the pharmacy with the U in hand, we gave her 14 units, it
was time for bed again, it was now 5:15a.m. Then, I had to get Eve's brother
up at 6 for school, why sleep? Then he missed the school bus, what more?

After having time to think about what happened this morning, it is rather
funny, I had a good laugh at the thought of this flashlight in my face at
3:30a.m. and Eve not wanting to wake anyone up. What a thing to happen on

 And the loaner pump died.

Deborah mom to Eve 13
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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