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[IP] Turning off HTML or Sylized Text

I've gotten a lot of requests at the HELP desk this week from members who 
want directions on how to turn off HTML or Stylized text in their email 
program.  Since this information is useful to everyone on the list, I 
decided to post it here.

Many members on the list are using HTML or stylized text when they post
here. I realize that it may look more interesting to post using different
fonts, colors and styles. However, the problem is that many of our readers
simply cannot read your posts when you do this. So, in order to make this
list readable to ALL users, please use ONLY plain text.

If you're not sure whether you're sending plain text or not, check the 

a. Can you make selected text bold, italic, or underlined?
b. Can you change the background color to anything other than white?
c. Can you change the color of selected words in your message?
d. Can you change the font size of selected words in your message?

If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is "yes" then you are 
using HTML or stylized text in your messages.

In virtually every email program there is a way to turn on plain text only. 
Since each program uses different methods, it's hard to tell you the 
specific steps for all programs. I do have instructions for some specific 
programs. People using other mailers may want to post their procedures. 
I'll try to gather this information for future use.

1. Go to MY AOL on the top menu bar and click PREFERENCES.
2. Click the FONT button.
3. Now select for your default font to be Arial 10 point plain (not bold, 
not italic, not underlined, etc.) and black.
4. When you send messages to Insulin Pumpers, don't change any of these 
font settings.

MS OUTLOOK 2000 for Windows
1. Choose Tools / Options / Mail Format
2. Set Send in this message format to "Plain Text"
3. Press OK.

MS OUTLOOK 97 for Windows
1. Open the contact you want to send messages to in plain text format (for 
example, insulin-pumpers).
2. In the E-Mail box, doubleclick the e-mail address.
3. Clear the Always send to this recipient in Windows Messaging rich-text 
format checkbox.

You can also set this option for individual recipients in your Personal 
Address Book.
1. Open the Personal Address Book
2. Doubleclick the recipient's name
3. Clear the Always send to this recipient in Windows Messaging rich-text 
format checkbox.

This option must be set for each individual recipient or group.

MS OUTLOOK EXPRESS 5.0 for Windows:
1. Choose Tools / Options / Send
2. For Mail Sending Format, choose "Plain Text"
3. Press OK

1. Choose Edit / Preferences / Message Composition
2. Select "plain text"
3. Press OK

EUDORA 4.3 for Windows:
1. Choose Tools / Options
2. Scroll down to select Styled Text
3. Make sure that the button for "Send plain text only" is turned on
4. Press OK

LOTUS NOTES R5 for Windows:
1. Choose File / Preferences / User Preferences
2. Press Mail and News
3. Set Internet Mail Format to "Plain Text only"
4. Press OK

PEGASUS 3.12 for Windows
1. Choose Tools / Options / Sending Mail
2. Check "Always remove formatting"
3. Press OK

Please let me know if you have any questions about this. Thanks for your 
help and cooperation.

IP-Admin group

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