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[IP] Basals

SNIP>>>>>> Notha asked:  Does anyone have trouble with eating late 
or snacking late at night, even with a bolus and 3 hours 
later I am normal I wake up high?<<<<<<<SNIP

This has been happening to me lately I am constantly trying to get the
basals right....always a problem.    I can't seem to get the basals right
and several night time testings haven't given me the right graphing.   I
usually eat a snack about 9, cause I am Hungary or just want it, whether it
is rice cakes or the rare and delightful Ben & Jerry's, or sometimes yogurt
and fruit, it doesn't seem to matter.  I bolus, check every hour and go to
bed about 11:30 with a bg of about 93.    Wake up (6:00 AM) with 167-190!!!
Somewhere in the 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM I seem to go low and rebound...I just
haven't been able to get it perfect.  I really want that GCMS!!!!  This
morning I decided to raise my basals about 4:00 from 1.2 to 1.4.   However,
I don't know if .4 is going to make that big a difference...but I will start
with that.  Right now I am using the following Basals: 
12:00 AM - .7, 
3:00 AM .9, 
4:00 AM 1.2
6:00 AM 1.4
8:00 AM 1.5
10:00 AM  .9

Aren't our bodies all interesting because the variety of basals we all use
probably runs the full gambit form .1 to 3.0 per hour????  
Bonnie Richardson
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