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[IP] Re: update on kidney infection

In a message dated 11/1/00 10:36:13 PM email @ redacted wrote:

I now, on top of the kidney infection, have at least 2 kidney
stones.  I will be scheduled for an ultrasound in the am.  From there I go
the urologist.  Anyone have any experience on this stuff.<

Last year my 18 year old (non-D) daughter had a severe kidney infection- did
an IVP later to determine why and found a huge kidney stone (it took up
almost the entire pelvis of her kidney).  She underwent lithotripsy twice to
break up the stone since it was so big.  She has not had any problems since
then.  I have also had lithotripsy once and surgery once (before the days of
lithotripsy) for kidney stones. If you have any questions, please email me.
Annette (mom to Josh, 17, dx 8/91, pumping since 9/28/99 and 5 non-D kids)
I also need help turning off HTML in AOL since I upgraded to 6.0   Thanks