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[IP] Re: update on kidney infection

Boy, do I ever have experience with kidney stones (wish I
didn't!) Most drs will wait and see if they pass on their own,
and that could take days, weeks, or months. They usually won't
intervene unless the stones don't appear to be moving/passing on
their own or are very large. If the stones are large enough they
will likely cause some discomfort as they move down the
ureter(s), but the drs can give you something for it. They only
cause pain if they are moving (and you never know when they are
going to move so that's fun), otherwise you won't even know they
are there. If they are small, they will likely pass unnoticed
(unless you religiously use a pee strainer to try and catch the
stones, which is a good idea anyway so you can see what they are
composed of to help avoid future stones.) Also, if they are large
enough they will likely scrape the insides of the ureters as they
move so you'll likely have microscopic blood in the urine
(sometimes you can see it - the urine will look orangey or
reddish. It also changes the ph of the urine which you'd
definitely notice.) Since your dr already knows you have stones
you probably won't get an IVP. That is just a dye study on the
kidneys and ureters. They inject a dye into your vein and take
xrays at specific time intervals, which will show the exact
location and size of the stones. For that you have to do a 24hr
prep (clear liquid diet and bowel cleansing) so they can get a
good view of the ureters. You may also get a lot of KUB
(kidney-ureter-bladder) xrays, which are painless and only take a
few minutes. These help track the movement of the stones over a
period of time. They may also do a 24hr urine study (esp if you
don't catch the stones) to check for certain things like protein,
calcium, phosphorous, and some other things (just helps them
figure out a course of treatment for you.) If the stones don't
pass on their own there are several things that can be done to
remove them (including, but not limited to: lithotripsy where
they shatter the stones with ultrasonic waves, and another
procedure where they go up through the urethra and bladder to
snare the stones.) But from what I understand, most stones do
pass on their own. I was dx'd with stones in July '95 and passed
4 stones (one right after another within a few minutes time, 3
were the size of bb's and 1 was the size of a very large raisin)
in September '95. For those 2mos before I passed them, I strained
my pee every time I went to the bathroom and in fact, carried a
strainer (in a ziploc) with me everywhere I went, just in case
LOL! The lab lost those stones, though (grrrr!), so we never knew
what caused them. I passed another stone in May '99 and that time
we found out it was a calcium oxalate stone (the stone was
analyzed plus I did a 24hr urine study.) The dr gave me a list of
foods to avoid and/or cut back on to minimize my chances of
making more stones. One thing they told me to do is to drink 1
1/2qts of water a day AND 1 1/2qts of lemonade a day (to dilute
the urine and change the ph.) There is a book called The Kidney
Stone Handbook which I've found very helpful as well.  

Good luck, and I hope you're one of the lucky ones who have
silent stones (my first round of stones caused pain whenever they
moved but that second round was totally painless and I didn't
even know I had a stone till I felt it coming out)!!! Oh, and be
sure and try to catch the stones...finding out their composition
is very important to your course of treatment! 

Cheri said:
Anyone have any experience on this stuff.

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) due
3/10/01 w/#8 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne

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