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[IP] newsreporter's Q

As some of you *may* know, I'm having this little BASH thingy for my 50th DM
anniversary Saturday. The newspaper is doing a writeup. The reporter was
interviewing me and asked how I felt before my diagnosis. I actually wanted
to die - I didn't know any other way I could feel better. He asked if I was
in a lot of pain. Now, mind you, I went into a coma (the
unconscious-barely-breathing kind) and he wants to know how I felt. I was
taken aback. I really didn't know what to say. I told him about the extreme
thirst, but what would some of you had said. Obviously, I had been in DKA
before slipping into oblivion. But I guess 5 decades is too long ago to
remember the details. I lost a lot of weight, etc. but he wanted *feelings*
in his article.

How would those of you who went into comas for dx have answered that Q?

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