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[IP] 24 hrs on saline

ok.  24 hours on saline now.  Slept with it ok.  Disturbed my sleep 
a LITTLE bit, but not bad, so I figure it'll only take about another 
week for it to become not problem.

I do have a little trouble with going to the bathroom and 
remembering to keep the tubing from falling down into the toilet. :-)  
Not a big problem though.

I want to ask about sensations.

I have a very mild sensation going on.  Can't quite tell if it's an itch 
or an ache or what.  Can't quite feel where it is.  Maybe it's under 
the "button" and that's why I can't quite locate it.  Seems to have a 
mirroring sensation several inches away and if I rub that spot it 
eases the sensation.

Is this from the saline? or the introducer needle? or perhaps even a 
tugged hair under the tape (I'll remember to check for that next 

It's not a BIG deal, more of a tiny nagging one that keeps my 
attention focused there.  Something I was hoping would be avoided.

Also seems to disappear when I'm standing or laying down (in 
other words, when my abdomen is stretched out).

Is this something that will go away?  What I mean is, when I first 
started bg testing, my fingers were sore all the time for about a 
month, and they've since toughened up and never ache anymore.

When I started insulin, I got bruising for days, then it eventually 
faded.  When I switched to humalog, same thing, bruising and 
stinging for days eventually fading away.

Will it be the same with the infusion set?

That tiny sensation keeps making me want to rub that whole 
quadrant of my tummy and I find that annoying.

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