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[IP] chat? lab disaster

did i miss the animas chat?  is there a reason no one has posted anything 
since this afternoon?  did you guys all leave and left me here alone???   
hello?????  anyone???

I just had a great run in with a stupid lab...I did a 24 hour collection on 
Monday and had my diabetes doc fax the test requests to my gyno which is 
around the corner adn they have a lab...thought..e.asy as pie...drop it off 
on the way to work or on the way home...So I called the lab today, told hte 
lady I had a 24 hour, the test requests and needed blood drawn and asked what 
time do you close...8pm she says...So i cancel my gym workout and race home 
to get my pee, and race down the street to get there adn arrive at 7:40...  
the lady is Sitting there...no one else there, eating her supper, and says I 
am too late!!!

She says I am TOO late!!!!! it takes 10 miuntes (slowpoke) to draw the blood 
and another 15 to clot it so I am too late!!!!  I asked why didnt she tell me 
I had to be there by 735 when i asked what time they closed!!!!!   She said 
she didnt know I was coming tonight...I said what if I showed up TOMORROW at 
745!  Why didnt you tell me I had to be here 25 minutes before you close!  I 
told her I left work early, cancelled my workout, and raced to get there, 
thinking maybe she would soften...Not a chance!!!!  She slams her fork down 
and grabs the prescription out of my hand  saying All Right... I QUICKLY 
snatched it back and said No f***ing way are you putting a needle in me NOW 
and told her  i would take my business elsewhere.  As I storm down the stairs 
she is going, no no wait, I'll DO it... wait.....HA 

so anyone know how long pee is good for?  I finished the collection tuesday 
morning...my CDE says 2-3 days....will it be a waste to go get poked tomorrow 
(at a different lab of course...)

Sara SP
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