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Re: [IP] One Hour to Go

On 1 Nov 2000, at 22:02, Trish Ober wrote:

> Gordon - what kind of pump did you get?  I am deciding which one to
> get and can't decide between the Minimed 508 and the Animas.  Any
> thoughts on how you decided would be helpful.  Also - can you use the
> Minimed Sofserter with the Animas pump? Thanks, Trish

There is absolutely NO way you can use the Sofserter with the 
Animas pump.  

You could use the Softserter to insert Sofsets that WILL work with 
the Animas pump though!       ;>)       All infusion sets currently 
made will work with all present day insulin pumps.  The best way 
to decide on which pump is to try each one.  Get a loaner and use 
it with saline for a couple of days and you'll get an idea of which 
one you like better than the others.


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