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Re: [IP] Freestyle Meter

I used the freestyle for about a day and that happened to me as well. I got
86-99 on the freestyle but 46-53 on my DEX.  I got a refund and now can use
the fasTTake on my forarm when I use the Vacuulance on the forarm....Same
with the DEX.

The Vacuulance works on the palms of your hands as well.  I got one from
Bayer and it uses a regular lancet, but requires that you release the button
slowly, causing a vacuum in the little chamber..VERY much like the
Freestyle's lancet device.

The FasTTakes' strips require very little blood too, much like the freestyle
and I with my squinty-eyes can see the test area much more easily.
Jenny Sutherland

----- Original Message -----
From: "The Kiley's"

> Hello.  I've got a question.

> I got home and tested again and I was 79, but still feeling really
> I decided to test on another meter and I was 40.
> This happened again a few minutes ago.  I was 90 on the Freestyle meter
> I was 51 on my FastTake meter.

80 is okay for me to drive . . . 40 obviously isn't.
> Has anyone else had higher readings on the Freestyle?  My doctor's office
> says they don't have enough experience with it to make a judgement or
> recommendation.  HELP!!

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