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email @ redacted writes:

 I live in Arkansas and have a CHIPS policy from BCBS.  In Arkansas this plan 
 is for anyone who cannot get insurance for any medical reason.
 It is definitely not for low income families, in Arkansas anyway.  I pay 
 per month for $1000 ded. and then 80/20 up to $5000 per yr.
 Each month I consider whether or not it is really worth it.  That is an 
 awfully lot of money to be paying for 1 adult only.  I do not have a choice 
 now that I am no longer employed and was unable to go on COBRA due to the 
 fact that the doctor I worked for had less than 20 employees.
 Yes, this D Sucks!   Jackie Pearce >>
Jackie the D sucks for sure but the Health Care problem sucks even more.  
Everyone should be protected like every other country.       Ellie

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