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No Subject

my son is sick, he has been complaining of his legs/feet and stomach
hurting, he currently has strep, fever, is cold etc. He is 4 w/D. I
questioned the doctor today about abdominal pain (possible kidney
infection?) as I have been reading the posts. Dr. said it is more
common in women. This was not his pedi endo so I will be double
checking the symptoms w/her as well.
The stomach pain (ongoing for a few weeks) only seems to be when we are
eating, or just finishing a meal. So, I was thinking maybe ciliac (sp)?
Anyway, just thought I'd post incase anyone had same exp. or insight to
this problem.

Any fever or infection heightens insulin resistance check for ketones in 
the urine which can cause these symptoms if his bg's are elevated. celiac 
dz is usually associated with dirrohea and cramps after eating foods with 
gluten like bread. check with your doc. nothing jumps out at me and bites 
my little funny face, spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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