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[IP] insulin in mail more on the saga

I have never gotten my pump supplies and the accompanying iinsulin any other 
way than by mail order... in almost 8 years.  Only once was the fed ex not 
dellivered the very next morning, when it contained insulin...it was 
delivered THREE days later...and it was August...In New York...so I called 
the supplier and said "come and get it, and send me some new stuff."  No 
problem.  I have it delivered to my office, since I am here all day and there 
is no one to sign for anything in Brooklyn...And I don't like it just "left."

Thank WHAT ever for mail order...pick up the phone...dial order receive...No 
driving to pharmacy...Of course, dealing with Minimed is a LOT worse and more 
convoluted than dealing with dear old defunct Home Medical ever was....but 
then there is Hollywood Healthcare who is going to soon be getting alot more 
of MY business if Minimed doesn't straighten out its order processing dept.

Sara SP
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