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Re: [IP] starting the pump on your own

Darrin wrote:
> Two Endos I've seen insist:
> - pump is more trouble than instensive MDi & associated uncontroled DP; ie:
> am ng's into the 400-500 range daily for last 27 years.
> - "no one wants to walk around all day with a needle stuck in them"
> - pumps very seldom provide better control
> - everyone on the pump is going back ot MDi anyway
> And I'm out of new endos!

I wonder if you can play the broken record game with them: 

That's not true according to (whatever information source you want to
quote), and even if it were, I want a pump. 

As answer to EVERYTHING they say. REPEATEDLY. Smilingly,
non-confrontationally, but persistently.  

I do know of a few people who have gone back to MDI (a very vocal one is
on m.h.d.), and a few others who've TRIED to go back to MDI and found
that it just DOESN'T give as good control. 

And I have never walked around with a needle stuck in me, and I've been
on the pump almost 2 years!

And *I* don't walk around with BGs in the 300's or above, because I
DON'T FEEL WELL at that point!!!!!!

These doctors are ignorant, and you have to break them of their
arrogance -- be stubborn!! 

Good luck! 
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