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[IP] Freestyle Meter

Hello.  I've got a question.

I just got one of the newer Freestyle meters and I seem to be getting some
strange readings.  Sunday evening, I was out shopping.  I was feeling
strange, so I tested.  I was 85.  I thought I was fine, but I'd keep an eye
on it, so I tested again in about 1/2 hr.  I was 80.  I got a pretzel and I
drove home thinking I was fine, but I was still feeling strange.  I thought
maybe I was just tired.

I got home and tested again and I was 79, but still feeling really strange.
I decided to test on another meter and I was 40.

This happened again a few minutes ago.  I was 90 on the Freestyle meter and
I was 51 on my FastTake meter.

I know I shouldn't compare different meters, but when I'm feeling low and my
meter is reading okay, what else do you do??  Especially when I'm driving
home and I'm at 80 on one meter and 40 on another.  There's a big
difference!!  80 is okay for me to drive . . . 40 obviously isn't.

Has anyone else had higher readings on the Freestyle?  My doctor's office
says they don't have enough experience with it to make a judgement or
recommendation.  HELP!!

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