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[IP] "basal levels, breakfast and impact of exercise"

hi.  I am in the process of trying to revamp my basal level which seems to
have shifted in the past couple of months. I could use some help!  I try to
exercise every morning 1.5-2.0 hours after my morning bolus for 30-40
minutes. I often have this big, quirky mid-morning blood sugar drop between
9:30-11:00. I really don't know why this happens [any ideas?] but I do know
that I am very insulin resistant in the am [6carbos/unit vs. 10carbos/unit
during the day.]  What I am wondering is how to determine the right basal
level for the morning.  I am currently on .2/hour and I do go up quite
signifigantly when I fast.  However, I do usually eat breakfast and exercise
and don't tend to have a problem with being high before lunchtime.  Any
ideas?  Thanks for your help.

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