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[IP] Disetronic batteries

Anyone had a problem with Disetronic batteries?  I was changing set,line
and cartridge and kept getting an "Error 3" message when trying to set
the pump to "Run".  I called Disetronic twice and ended up using 4 new
batteries until I found one that worked.  The tech person told me that
it was certainly not the pump, it was the battery.  And it was, but as a
new pump user (6/00) I was concerned.  The pump has been working fine
since Sunday and I received a new batch of batteries today from
Disetronic. I must admit that before the situation was resolved, I was
calculating how much insulin to take and how long it was going to take
to get a replacement pump (I am waiting for the Power of Choice and the
d-tron).  Not a pleasant way to spend a day...)  Anyone had a similar

Sue Stone
pumping since 6/00, diabetic since 10/54

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