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Re: [IP] eating late

Notha asked:  Does anyone have trouble with eating late 
or snacking late at night, even with a bolus and 3 hours 
later I am normal I wake up high?
Yep, the same thing happens to me.  I need to eat dinner 
by seven o'clock or so to have really stable bg through 
the night.  Also, more than about 45 gm. of high density 
carbs (pasta, potatoes, etc.) or more than about 4 oz. 
of protein will cause me to go high during the night 
after I have been in my target range at bedtime.

After a lot of experimentation, I find if I run a temp 
basal after a late or bigger than usual dinner I can 
eliminate the overnight high.  I started out with a very 
low increase and tested every two hours through the 
night until I found the right increase for me.  Please 
be vigilant while experimenting!  Higher basals 
overnight can result in hypos while sleeping!  Remember, 

Good Luck,
dx 1981, assimilated 2/11/00

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