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Re: [IP] 2 hour high-to Sara


Liked your response.  I just changed from Velosulin to Humalog and am having 
a tough time of it.  Finally had a better talk with the RN/RDE at my doctors 
office about how to get on this band wagon.  MY rules as of Monday at 5 pm.

No. 1, I chase blood sugars with insulin--NO NO not at least when I am trying 
to figure out basals and boluses.  Seems my insulin is overlapping and the 
nurse can't seem to figure out if my crashes (lately as low as 37) are from 
my basal or from my bolus.

No. 2, I can't seem to stay away from snacking especially when I am playing 
night owl like now HOOT HOOT.  Causes great havoc to the morning blood sugar. 
 For some reason starting the day at 360 isn't good.  Go Figure!!

No. 3, my meals are not consistent.  This was were I was really off.  I am so 
frustrated with it all I was almost ready to eat the exact same thing for 
each of my three meals for a week or more to fix this.  Breakfast--a bagel 
with diet jelly and margarine.  Lunch a nice lean ham sandwich and 8 oz of 
yogurt.  Supper, a salad and maybe a slice or two of bread with margarine.  
Now I understand.  The carbs have to be consistent and try to keep the fat 
grams to less than 15.  (I am still trying to find my way with these "CARBS" 
-- so for me she said 3 fat exchanges.)  

No. 4, never take insulin not even .5 units because I feel "high".  I could 
come crashing down in an hour or so.

Man am I beat.  So many rules, and they keep getting tougher.  I can't wait 
until I can go on "cruise control".  At least I am not unrealistic and think 
that "auto pilot" is in my future.  That would make life too simple.

Sara, you know like I that everyone is different, have different needs, rates 
and even insulin.  I wish that everyone would clarify their opinions a little 
bit more and say "you might try this, it worked for me." or some other 
clarifier.  It sometimes scares me that this is our health and we really do 
need to respect it and tread lightly.

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