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Re: [IP] Eating habits changing since beginning pumping

I started pumping on Jan 15,1999 & I too have for many days not had a 
appetite or much desire to eat. Initially , I remember calling my doc to make 
sure I was gonna stay alive if I didn't eat anything all day until dinner. I 
attributed this to my being forced to eat when on needles ;being forced to 
eat every day for 29.5 years.  Is it hard to understand the joy of not eating 
? I have lost a few pounds but there have been times ( a few too many ) when 
I have eaten excessively late at night & just kept pumping & pumping. Thats  
something psycological , a problem I'm trying to cure. But back to your 
original post I can understand exactly what you have felt when you say you 
just did not feel the need to eat. I've heard that the majority of people 
gain weight when they start pumping. I feel like multiple daily insulin 
injections is a primitive therapy compared to pumping . I'm sorry I waited so 
long because I'd heard about it a few years ago , but now as I look back a 
few years I remember asking my previous doc about pumping & he told me it was 
not for me & he also told me  in the same breath that my 8.0HbA1c  is going 
to hurt me. Since pumping I went down in three months to 5.6 & three months 
later to 5.5. Somebody should educate him !
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